About our school

Wonderland preschools
- a second home for your children

  • Our preschools are situated in Prague.
  • We have 3 branches (Háje, Hrnčíře and Libuš)
  • We offer both English and Czech classes.
  • We support environmental education (bio food, environmental programs, environmentally-friendly choices)
  • We offer a full summer program
  • We provide our students with a varied selection of courses which can also be attended by children not enrolled in our kindergartens
  • We offer an English after-school program for schoolchildren

Proven teaching methods with great results

In order to develop children's distinct personalities, we strive to be their partners, to accept them as they are, to recognise them as individuals, to listen to them, and to develop their potential. The developmental prerequisites and abilities of children require applying appropriate methods and learning techniques during their pre-school education.

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We use mainly the following methods:

Experiential and cooperative learning through play: children's activities that are based on direct experiences, encouragement of the child's curiosity and need to discover, stimulation of the child's enjoyment of learning, captivation of the child's interest through variation, and growth through experimentation - all of which allow the child to master many important skills. We believe that the best kind of education utilizes the natural flow of children's thoughts and ideas, and we support this process by giving children the space to come up with spontaneous activities and plans. Our learning, therefore, takes place in the form of non-binding, playful exercises that allow each child to partcipate on the basis of their own interest and choice.
Situational learning: the creation and exploitation of situations that provide children with comprehensible and practical examples of real-life relationships so that they learn skills and knowledge at the appropriate time - both at the precise moment when they need the information and in a way that helps them better understand meaning.
Spontaneous social learning Spontaneous social learning is based on the principle of natural imitation. Therefore, it is necessary for all activities and situations that occur during the day in our kindergarten, not only in didactic activities, to provide the child with patterns of behaviour and attitudes that are appropriate for imitation and adoption.
Children's play and creative playwright is another important method based primarily on the principle of play and experience.

Learning through play, creativity, fun and inspiration

A safe and cosy environment

Our kindergartens have cosy and modern toys and classrooms as well as beautifully landscaped gardens. A wide range of teaching aids and toys which correspond to the age needs of children, is a matter of course.

Children are provided with the opportunity to use Montessori utensils and educational toys of various levels. The classrooms are richly equipped with art materials that are used daily.

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In our modern and clean hygienic facilities, we provide safe antibacterial self-service soaps, hand dryers, etc. In the sleeping room, we provide children with a pleasant, soothing kind of music. We pay close attention to compliance with hygiene standards. Every child has a crib and clean bed sheets. The supply of fresh air in all the games is a daily necessity

In our school gardens, you can also find educational toys, such as traffic signs, games, etc. The toys featured in the garden are certified and reviewed annually. In the summer months, children can refresh themselves in a pool or under a children's sprinkler which they like to play under.

In the warm summer months, we take care that children are given sun cream, wear summer hats and sunglasses.

In winter, we pay attention to warm clothes, and face creams are also available for sensitive children.

We pay close attention to safety, so picking up children from the nursery is conditional upon filling out a form in which the child's legal guardian determines who is entitled to pick up the child from the nursery.

Healthy eating for children and staff

We take care of healthy and high-quality eating for our pre-school children and therefore we work with the Czech company Bionea, which cooks as much as possible from local organic food sources. Bionea takes into account all nutritional requirements for proper meal composition and also caters for parents who require special meals for their children. Therefore, gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free foods are also available for us.

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There is, of course, a choice between meat and vegetarian meals.
As well as lunch, snacks are supplemented by a regular supply of fruits and vegetables.
At Wonderland nursery we strive for the best possible diet for our children, which is balanced and accommodates to modern child nutrition requirements.
Compliance with a drinking regime is a sure thing. Children are given fresh water. We also have available bio tea of all types and milk.

We use a UV lamp to sterilize rooms

What can the device do?

  • Almost complete removal of microbes that cause colds, infections, asthma and various allergic symptoms.
  • Fast and effective sterilisation without damage to sterilised surfaces.
  • Purification without chemical means and therefore without unpleasant odours and pollutants.
  • Hypoallergenic disinfection of surfaces of kitchens and kitchen equipment, beds, sofas, toys, etc.

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