About our school

Wonderland Preschools
- a second home for your children

  • Our preschools are situated in Prague.
  • We have 3 branches (Háje, Hrnčíře and Libuš)
  • We offer both English and Czech classes
  • We support environmental education (bio food, environmental programs, environmentally-friendly choices)
  • We offer a full summer program
  • We provide our students with a varied selection of courses that may also be attended by children not enrolled in our kindergartens
  • We offer an English after-school program for schoolchildren

Proven teaching methods with great results

In order to develop children's distinct personalities, we strive to be their partners, accept them as they are, recognize their indivudality, listen to them, and develop their potential. The developmental prerequisites and abilities of children require applying appropriate methods and learning techniques during their pre-school education.

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We mainly use the following methods:

Experiential and cooperative learning through play: children's activities that are based on direct experiences, encouragement of the child's curiosity and need to discover, stimulation of the child's enjoyment of learning, captivation of the child's interest through variation, and growth through experimentation - all of which allow the child to master many important skills. We believe that the best kind of education utilizes the natural flow of children's thoughts and ideas, and we support this process by giving children the space to create spontaneous activities and plans. Our learning, therefore, takes place in the form of non-binding, playful exercises that allow each child to partcipate on the basis of their own interest and choice.
Situational learning: the creation and exploitation of situations that provide children with comprehensible and practical examples of real-life relationships. They then learn skills and knowledge at the appropriate time - both at the precise moment when they need the information and in a way that helps them better understand meaning.
Spontaneous social learning: Spontaneous social learning is based on the principle of natural imitation. To encourage this type of learning, we provide children with patterns of behaviour and attitudes that are appropriate for imitation and adoption during all of the activities and situations that occur throughout the day in our kindergarten, both didactic and otherwise.
Children's play and creative playwright: This is another important method based primarily on the principle of play and experience.

Learning through play, creativity, fun, and inspiration

A safe and cozy environment

Our kindergartens feature cozy environments, modern toys and classrooms, and beautifully landscaped gardens. Our schools are equipped as a matter of course with a wide range of teaching aids and toys that correspond to the ages, needs, and capabilities of our students.

Children are provided with the opportunity to use Montessori utensils and educational toys of various levels. Our classrooms are richly furnished with art tools and materials - supplies that we make use of daily.

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Our modern and immaculate hygienic facilities provide children with kid-friendly antibacterial soap dispensers, hand dryers, individual hand towels, separate spaces for cups, toothbrushes, and toothpastes, and so on. In our sleeping room, we provide children with pleasant, soothing music that sets a peaceful mood and gently lulls them to sleep. Every child is given a crib or child-sized bed with clean bedsheets. In all of our classrooms, we consider it a daily necessity to supply children with fresh air. We pay close attention to hygienic standards and maintain strict compliance with them.

In our school gardens, you can find all types of educational toys, from traffic signs and watering cans, to outdoor games and sandbox equipment. The toys featured in our gardens are certified and reviewed annually. During the warmer months of the year, children can bounce on our trampolines, refresh themselves in a pool, or play under a children's sprinkler.

During the hot summer months, we ensure that all children are wearing sunscreen, sun hats, and sunglasses before they go outside to play. We reapply sunscreen throughout the day and pay close attention to how much sun exposure each child gets.
During the winter, we dress all of the children in warm clothes and have school clothes available to borrow in the event that a child is unprepared for certain temperatures or types of weather. We also keep face sunscreen on hand at this time of year for children with sensitive skin.

Because we follow strict safety guidelines, children may not be picked up from our school from anyone other than their legal guardian, unless a form is filled out stating otherwise. Children will only be released to people who have been approved via this form.

Healthy eating for children and staff

We pride ourselves on serving only healthy and high-quality food to our pre-school children. For this reason, we work with the Czech food company Ekolandia, which cooks as much as possible from local organic food sources. Ekolandia takes all the nutritional requirements for proper meal composition into account and also accommodates parents who require special meals for their children. They offer gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free food, as well as a choice between meat and vegetarian meals. Besides our Ekolandia lunches, we also have two delicious snacks a day that always include a healthy and substantial portion of fruits or vegetables.

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At Wonderland Nursery, we strive for the best possible diet for our children. We believe that each meal should be appetizing and balanced, while also fulfilling the modern child’s nutrition requirements. We also adhere to a structured drinking regime. Children have access to their own cup of fresh water throughout the day, are always given a drink during snacks and lunches, and are encouraged to drink multiple times every day. Our students can also choose to drink bio tea or milk instead of water.

UV lamp sterilization

What does this device do?

  • Nearly complete removal of microbes that cause colds, infections, asthma, and various allergic symptoms.
  • Fast and effective sterilization without damage to surfaces or equipment.
  • Purification without chemical agents which leaves our classrooms free of unpleasant odours and pollutants.
  • Hypoallergenic disinfection of surfaces, equipment, furniture, beds, sofas, toys, etc.

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