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Modern pedagogical methods can slow the development of the child's brain, scientists say

Although progress is still going forward and thanks to it, the knowledge of the human brain and its development is deepened, not everything connected with modernity is beneficial for us. Scientists now warn that some of today's popular methods of education may even slow the development of the child's brain.

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Start playing sports with children under 7 years of age. Afterwards it's too late, says the study

The relationship to sport needs to be built up by the age of seven, increasing their resistance to stress. This is stated by the consulting company, Zamě, which has developed the psychological profiles of more than 72,000 people. Even if half of the young people between 17 and 19 years of age drop sporting activities, the right habits will remain.

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Children's bilingualism - the phenomenon of today's times

At present, there are more and more families in which the mother tongues of the partners are two different languages. If parents use their mother tongue in home communication with their offspring, children are spontaneously led to bilingualism. How does this process perceive the child?

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Why are children behaving worse when their mother is near?

When Sarina (a 4-year-old) is at kindergarten, she behaves well, is obedient, and everyone knows her as a smiling angel. Even when she is with her daddy. More info: BLOG.EVAKIEDRONOVA.CZ

The silent tragedy affecting today’s children

There is a silent tragedy developing right now, in our homes, and it concerns our most precious jewels - our children.

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50 Questions To Ask Your Kids Instead Of Asking “How Was Your Day”

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