Eye screening

Dear Wonderland parents,

Our Wonderland Pre-school is every year actively involved in the project of Preventive eye screening examination. This is a totally unique way of preventing defects in vision of preschool children.

The term examinations at Wonderland Pre-school will take place

  • on Tuesday 24.4.2018, Hrnčíře at 9:00 am
  • on Friday 27.4.2018, Háje at 9:00 am
  • onf Friday 27.4. 2018, Libuš at 10:30 am

In connection with the planned examination, we would like to ask the parents who want their child to be examined to sign a "form of consent " and to pay the fee of 150, - CZK for the examination at the pre-school in CASH. The health worker will issue a receipt for the amount and each parent will receive, along with the results of the examination which will come within 14 days from the date of examination back to the pre-school a receipt which will cover the payment of the fee for the examination.

In October 2013 was published an interesting article in INFORMATORIUM monthly magazine about the vision examination of preschool children on which we have been focused on. If you are interested, you can read the article on the main page of our medical equipment website, cooperating with the media: www.primavizus.cz

Have a nice day!
Wonderland team