Sleepover - Hrnčíře

we would like to inform you about the special adventurous-scholastic project called SLEEPOVER, which will take place on the night of May 17th (Thursday) - May 18th (Friday).

Our sleepover will teach our children about camping and will teach them skills necessary for camping in an amusing-educative way as well as enjoy our time together on a very special occasion and have a lot of fun. With the help of a special treasure map we will hunt for a treasure on a special adventure trail packed with fun and exciting tasks. After arrival back to our school we will make sausages on fire and we will be telling some exciting story around the camp fire before the bedtime. Camping is fun but for the night we will take ourselves into the safety of our preschool where we won’t be disturbed by wild animals or some interesting insects.

We kindly ask the parents of the children who are interested in taking part in our night adventure to give them their sleeping bags, pyjamas, their favorite stuffed animal for bed-time and a flash-light for the Treasure hunt trail. Also if the child has a book about camping or an adventure story which you could bring to show to school, we will be delighted to read it along. Should you not have a sleeping bag ready at hand inform us a.s.a.p. And we will provide a pillow and a blanket for your child.

For those parents who are interested in our Sleepover, we offer the possibility of the all-day /afternoon stay connected with the evening program or even the possibility to bring your child just for the evening program. If you choose to come for the night only we will be expecting, you at our pre-school at six o`clock. This event is for age 4+ and we will ask you to consider that your child will be able to manage to sleep alone without you in the pre-school. If your child does not feel comfortable to sleep and will be sad, we'll be forced to call you during the night to come pick them.

After a night full of unusual experiences children will have a healthy breakfast from Bionea.

Morning of the May 18st children can continue with the classroom teaching. For the children who do not wish to continue Friday classes, parents can arrive at 8.30AM in the morning.