St. Nicholas

Dear Wonderland parents,

We would like to inform you about our St. Nicolas Day celebration which will take place on Tuesday – December 5th 2017.

On this day, St. Nicolas, an angel and the devil will come visit us in the morning hours. The teachers will have notes about the children ready for St. Nicolas.

If you do not wish any contact for your child and the devil, please let teachers know. The devil is not going to be that scary. Please do not be afraid that your child might get scared. St. Nicolas Celebration will be a lovely event when every child will have a chance to think of their behavior, of course nice manners will be pointed out.

As every year we would like to ask you to please help us with treat packages for the children – any healthy sweets, fruit; little presents (stickers, pencils, coloring books etc.) These treats will be equally split into all bags, which our school is working on because we would like to make sure, that all the children enjoy this special event.

Please bring a bag of the treats or gifts for the children latest by Monday, December 4nd 2017. Thank you very much.

We believe that the visit of St. Nicholas and the angel and the devil will be lots of fun for everyone!

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Wonderland team