Wonderland Preschool Libuš

The school is located in the Wonderland Academy building on the street Mílová 697/2a, Praha 4 - Libuš, 142 00.

This branch specializes in the comprehensive development of pre-school children aged 5 to 7, enabling them to acquire the necessary skills needed to successfully start school.

We have two classes open and are intended for preschool children. The lessons are taught in both Czech language and English language. We are also working with Wonderland Academy Primary School to ensure that the transition from pre-school to school is as smooth as possible. We use not only classrooms and gardens for schooling, but regularly go to the vicinity of the preschool, for excursions and educational programs.

Parents can choose the attendance frequency according to their requirements. We are extremely flexible.


For children, there is one big classroom and another classroom equipped with a smartboard. Both are richly equipped with new children's furniture, educational toys and interesting study materials. We also pay close attention to books and work with them, and children have a lot of beautiful books in the book corner, and they also attend a well-stocked Wonderland Academy Primary School library with teachers. Children also use the gymnasium, school dining room and a spacious garden with a trampoline, sandpit and other game elements. In the garden, children also have two raised flower beds, where they grow vegetables and flowers during the year.

Opening hours

We are open from Monday to Friday.
Monday - Thursday: 8:00 - 17:30
Friday: 8:00 - 16:30

We are open all year except for school holidays and state holidays. In the summer holidays, the preschool is in operation. More information here

School education program

Our program is designed to support and develop children's natural desire to learn and discover. A wide range of materials naturally develops cognitive abilities, motor and social skills in line with the needs of each child and in the time they need.

School bus pick-up and drop-off

We offer a school bus service for our children according to individual agreement. The bus is equipped with safety belts and children's car seats.

The pricelist of this service can be found here