Our Team

Ms. Pavla Hajian
Founder of MŠ Wonderland

Ms. Pavla Hajian has previous experience as a director and owner at a nursery school in Ealing, London. She has worked for many years at international language schools and nurseries. She has now been running Wonderland Preschool for eight years and is the founder of the private school, Wonderland Academy. She is the mother of five children (Kimi, 20 years; Dany, 15 years; Melanie, 5 years; Charlotte, 3 years; and Nicholas, 3 months) Open more

Ms. Pavla holds a DPP (Diploma in Pre-school Practice) and attended the NVQ Level 3 University course. She graduated in all levels of Montessori education. She also attended an accredited course of the National Institute of Continuing Education (NIDV): a qualification course for headmasters. She studied Environmental Education and received the title of Environmental Coordinator of Schools. Furthermore, she attended the Menza ITL learning and Genetic reading methods course. As in previous years, she continues to actively participate in the preparing of her schools' academic programs. She also personally supervises compliance with all of the governmental regulations and standards to ensure maximum satisfaction for your children.

You may contact her with any questions concerning nursery management and our administration, as well as inquiries about your children and their daily lives at our kindergarten.

Ms. Veronika Bergmanová
Director of MŠ Wonderland

Veronika loves being from “hundred-spired" Prague. Veronika holds a Primary Education degree with a focus on English teaching from Charles University. Veronika also graduated with a diploma in Pre-school and Out-of-school Pedagogy. She has many years of experience as a class teacher in a linguistic primary school, as well as experience as a director of a private sports-language kindergarten.

In addition to these studies, Veronika also attended the highly esteemed Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory of Music and, as you might have guessed, is passionate about music. In 2018, Veronika also received a certificate in yoga instruction for children. She has led many children's camps and is a mother of two children herself, Isabela and Max. She loves to spend her free time in the countryside or with a good book.

Veronika loves working at the Wonderland Preschools, where she works with a great team and in an exceptional environment. However, she is especially happy working with you, our wonderful parents. She is happy to answer any and all questions, so please do not hesitate to contact her.

Ms. Anna
Elves Class Teacher

Ms. Mikaela
Elves Class Teacher

Mikaela is originally from Texas, where she completed a bachelor’s in international business and French. She discovered her passion for teaching while working at a nursery and preschool in Longview, gaining experience with children aged six months to three years, and later had the opportunity to teach in France as well. Mikaela gained a TEFL certification here in Prague, where she later began teaching business English to adults and later began teaching children.

In her free time, Mikaela enjoys learning languages and exploring new cultures, traveling, ceramics, film, and board games.

Ms. Martina
Elves Class Teacher

Martina was born in Prague. She graduated from gymnasium high school with a focus on natural sciences and devoted herself to working in the field of tourism. After the birth of her children however, she searched for the best way to care for them while providing them with an education at the same time. She then completed a number of courses which focused on the musical and psychomotor development of children. As well, she received a certification in international Montessori AMI in working with children aged 0-3 years, as well as a national Montessori certification in working with children aged 3-6 years. Martina then graduated from the secondary pedagogical school in Mlada Boleslav and the course “Respect and Be Respected”.

Since 2011, she has worked as a head teacher at a Montessori kindergarten, led lessons and workshops for parents and children, and has worked as a tutor within the Helping Schools project as well as a leader of a toddler class within an international Montessori kindergarten.

Working with children is Martina’s biggest hobby and joy, as she is happy when she is near them and loves watching the world through their eyes. In her free time, she devotes himself to personal self-development, baking and cooking non-traditional dishes, swimming, mountain hiking, and exploring the natural beauty of the world.

Ms. Zuzana
Logistical Coordinator

Zuzka graduated from the Family School with a focus in Economics and Administrative Duties. She has two children, Terezka and Tomas.

Zuzka manages financial matters and all types of paperwork, as well as the obligatory child documentation for our school. She also orders school meals, records attendance, and prepares contractual documentation. She is happy to cooperate with clients and can be contacted at any time.

Mr. Marek
Speech Therapist and Special Educator

Marek Lansdorf graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague, where he specialized in Biology and Health Education. During his studies, he realized that there were not enough educators in the Czech Republic trained to help pupils with learning difficulties. This made him decide to return to his former university to study special pedagogy with a focus on speech therapy. During his studies, Marek learned how to create and apply preventive programs at primary and secondary schools. He completed most of his practice while teaching biology and health education at the Secondary School of Nursing in Prague.

Marek is happy to teach Biology in Nature here at Wonderland and enjoys learning alongside his students. Hearing feedback from his pupils is very important to Marek, as he then knows how best to direct the topics and teaching methods of his classes. He also believes that a safe classroom environment is one of the cornerstones of teaching. In his free time, Marek travels throughout the Czech Republic and around the world, as he loves getting closer to natural beauty. He advocates a healthy lifestyle and enjoys roller skating, reading, culture, and art.

Mr. Jírka

Mr. Plíva works as a caretaker and driver for Wonderland Preschool and Wonderland Academy. He collects, transports, and delivers children by minibus to and from the school as well as on various trips. His other duties include repairing and maintaining our school buildings and gardens.

Because he is very skillful and happy to work with children, Mr. Plíva is also the instructor of our "Little Handyman" course, which is very popular.

He is a regular blood donor and a passionate restorer of old clocks.

Mr. Petr

Mr. Josef

Ms. Eva
Canteen Manager and Cleaning Service

Ms. Tereza
school psychologist

Mgr. Tereza Macurová is a Psychology graduate from Palacký University Olomouc. Tereza has worked with children since her studies, in groups for autistic children and as an educational LARP programmes trainer. When working with children, she enjoys creativity and flexibility of children minds the most. She believes that every child has the capacity of enriching the world and that´s what led her to Wonderland, where she wishes to help making that come true.

In her free time, she engages in culture and long walks with her dog. As a passionate reader, she enjoys Russian classics and psychological literature. Beside reading, she´s also an active writer.

At the moment, she is a trainee at the Integrative coaching programme and plans on furthering her professional education even more.