Our team

Ms. Pavla Hajian
Founder of MŠ Wonderland

Ms. Pavla Hajian has experience as a director and owner of a nursery school in Ealing, London. She has worked for many years at international language schools and nurseries. She has now been running the Wonderland kindergarten for eight years and is the founder of the private school Wonderland Academy. She is the mother of four children (Kimi 18, Dany 13, Melanie 3, Charlotte 1 year old) Open more

Ms. Pavla holds a DPP (Diploma in Pre-school Practice) and attended the NVQ Level 3 university course. She graduated in all levels of Montessori education. She also attended an accredited course of the National Institute of Continuing Education (NIDV): a qualification course for headmasters. She studied Environmental Education and received the title of Environmental Coordinator of Schools. Furthermore she attended Menza ITL learning and a Genetic reading methods course. As in previous years, she will actively participate in teaching and learning plans and personally supervise compliance with all regulations, standardsand most importantly to ensure maximum satisfaction for your children.

You may contact her with any qurestions you may have about nursery management, administrative inquiries, and especially questions about your children and their daily lives at our kindergarten.

Ms. Olga Procházková
Director of MŠ Wonderland

She is looking forward to working at the Wonderland preschool, where she will be able to use her experience, which she has attained so far. From the first day she liked the positive attitude of all team members.

She has been working in education since 1999. She started as a teacher of English, history, education for citizenship and physical education. With primary school pupils she travelled all around England, Wales and Scotland. She devoted herself to the project "Inspiring People", where she organised discussions with English-speaking athletes, travellers, actors and writers. Open more

She was part of a jury at a primary school English language competition called The Olympic.

She also arranged with Cambridge Exams Centre that her previous school became a local examination centre for Cambridge tests such as YLE, KET and PET.

At the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen she graduated in the field of "Teaching for Primary School". She studied English at King Street College in London and at Inlingua Malta. She is interested in ICT, teaching in English. She has attended countless professional courses such as "Teaching English with ICT support, in cooperation with the U. S. Embassy Prague".

She is the mother of two teenagers, Sam and Julie

Horses are her greatest hobby. She owns a riding and training license, and in addition to her sporting career, she also taught riding for over 25 years. On weekends she runs outside with her dachshund "Alvin". Additionally, she likes to travel, swim, play volleyball, go to theatre and cinema or read.

She believes that education and training go hand in hand with responsibility for future generations. She wishes and strives for preschools and schools to be places where children enjoy and feel safe.

Ms. Lucie
Coordinator of MŠ Wonderland

Ms. Lucy joined the Wonderland team in September 2017. Her responsibilities will be ensuring a smooth enrollment process into Wonderland Academy and communication with parents of the Montessori pre-school in Libuš. She will be closely cooperating with the director. Ms. Lucy has gained the theoretical knowledge in her Management of Education Master studies and when studying English and Czech language and Preschool Education. She gained her practical experience when teaching in the preschool and in the last two years from the position of Deputy Director. Ms. Lucy also enjoys teaching English and Czech to Foreigners. She devotes herself to self-development – she completed a year-long Systemic Training and now in October 2017 she is excited to start a Coaching Course. You would most likely meet Ms. Lucy somewhere outdoors, travelling, in the gym, over a good read or with her closest ones enjoying a nice meal. She cannot agree more with Robert Fulghum that "all we really need to know we learned in pre-school". Ms. Lucy hopes that she will help making this time unforgettable for the Wonderland children.

Ms. Tereza

Tereza graduated from the Faculty of education in Croatia focused on preschool education. She has been working with children since 2007. She gained her experience in Croatian kindergartens and later in Prague. First, she worked for a private international kindergarten as the English teacher and later on in the Czech kindergarten. Her approach is influenced by Helen Doron and Reggio Emilia methodologies which encourage students to learn through art, projects, and activities that reflect their ideas and interests.
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Profession of kindergarten teacher fulfills her because she sees a connection with all the things she likes in it - working with children, music and art. She is versatile, creative and really enjoys coming up with new games, songs and activities. Also enjoys drawing and making crafts. She is experienced with organizing events for children and parents. Tereza has Czech roots as her grandparents came from Prostejov, so she speaks Czech as well. She is interested in music (self- taught in playing the guitar and drums), traveling and photography.

Ms. Klára

She actively participates in the teaching program and personally oversees the course of everyday teaching. She gained a lot of experience teaching small children in the UK, where she taught in several kindergartens and led groups for mothers with children. In the nursery she teaches full time, participates in the creation of educational plans and supervises the fulfillment of the year-long curriculum. She is the mother of two boys (Eliot, 10, and Richard, 1 year)

Ms. Klara graduated from all Montessori degrees and completed NVQ Level 3 Qualification in Early Years of Child Care and Education. She also gained the CELTA Cambridge Certificate of English.

Miss Klara is a certified Environmental Co-ordinator.

Mr. Jacob

Mr. Jacob comes from Fresno, California. He is 27 years old and studied biology at the State University in Fresno. He was born in Germany, then lived in California, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and eventually returned to California. Mr. Jacob comes from a multiple families with whom he likes to spend a lot of time with.

For 1.5 years, Mr. Jacob helped out at a Children's Hospital, where he worked with children with the help of special games, organized sports activities and devoted himself to fine arts activities. Mr. Jacob says: "It is very enriching when I can see children happy while staying at the hospital.

Mr. Jacob likes to play the guitar, and he also likes to play sports. He likes music such as rock and roll and hip hop. The Philadelphia Eagles are his favourite football / sports team. Mr. Jacob loves to travel and devotes himself to culinary art.

He looks forwardto meeting all of you.

Ms. Aneta
Assistent teacher

Starting at school I was led to the English language, I attended the first elementary language school where my second language was German.
I graduated from the Business Academy, and for another year I attended an English Language Course. Then I started as a teacher and also as a pre-school assistant.
Some pre-schools where I worked at were also focused on English.
I love the child's world, the child's imagination, the energy and their ideas. Working with children is fun; I see a future in it. I have a lot of experiences working with children, I know how to react and behave in certain situations.
I like to travel in my free time; I practice in Pilates and devote myself to reading.

Lukáš Pařík
Music teacher

Lukáš Pařík is a singer, music composer and musical actor. He graduated in singing at the International Conservatory and finished studying the composition of film and pop music at the Prague Conservatory. He is the writer of many songs and the rock fantasy musical Kings of Avalon, performed at the Hybernia Theater in Prague during the 2015/2016 season.

He has been teaching since he was 16 and since 2017 he has been organizing public appearances for students.

His main duties include the effort to develop children's creativity and imagination. At Wonderland Academy he is the singing, piano and guitar teacher.

Ms. Dominika Kiene
Speech-language Therapist and Special Educational Needs Teacher

Dominika Kiene graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University. After finishing her studies, she joined the phoniatric department at the ENT clinic in Bulovka. As a clinical speech therapist she also worked at the Phoniatric Clinic in Prague 2, FN 2. She then lived abroad with her husband, an American diplomat. She worked in the Special Services Division in the Bahamas as a logoped consultant for socially disadvantaged families. In the USA, she was teaching Czech. She worked as a Czech lecturer at Adult Education in Virginia and at the school Inligua, which prepared diplomats for the US Embassy around the world. After returning to Prague she currently works in private speech therapy. She helped the private clinic LOGO open a branch in Prague, working with Canadian Medical Care as a clinical logoped for children and adults from a multilingual environment. Experiences from the Special Pedagogical Center for Children with Speech Disorders are also important. She is currently working as a clinical speech therapist in Prague 10 and intensively cooperates with various bilingual nurseries. Dominika is the mother of two adult children. Her son works in New York City and her daughter is studying at the MICA Art University in Baltimore.

Lucie Chladilová

Lucie graduated from the secondary school of agriculture in Vyškov. After this, she worked in various administrative jobs. For example, she worked as the assistant to the Chairman of STROJEXPORT a.s. She would now like to apply her experience to the economic management of schools. As a mother herself of three children, she has a very positive attitude towards children. In her spare time with her family, she enjoys visiting the countryside and occasionally sports.

Mr. Plíva

Jiří is in charge of technical support for Wonderland schools, in which he applies his many years’ experience of such work. He has previously worked as a locksmith, maintenance man, flight instrument mechanic, and a plumber. He now also works as our school minibus driver. With his positive and friendly attitude, he enriches the children's everyday life.

He has always been very fond of sport. For many years he devoted himself to judo, in which he reached the 3rd dan.

His greatest hobby, however, is collecting and repairing antique clocks.

Mr. Čížek

Michal grew up in Litoměřice, where he played ice-hockey and football from a young age. He is a mechanic of track machines, he worked for several years at Czech Railways. He has also run landlord activities and has tried out a tough job in the private sector.

His great long life love remains in sport. In 1994 he obtained a coaching license and began to work at the children's and youth clubs as a football coach. He has experience working with children from 5 to 16 years of age. He is currently working at 1.FK Příbram.

From his first marriage he has two sons, Michael and Luke. In his current relationship with his partner Šárka, they have two sons, John and James. If time allows him, he spends it with them as much as possible in the wilderness.

Lucie Podraská
Cleaning service

Lucka studied High School of Electrical Engineering in Prague, but working with people was more interesting for her than working within the technical fields. She gained her experience in cleaning in one of Prague's hotels. Every day she looks forward to seeing the children at school, who enrich her with their ideas. She spends lots of time with her grandchildren as well. Lucie usually relaxes in the countryside and she is a lover of animals.

Jana Seidlová
Canteen Manager

Jana studied at the Business High School in Prague where she studied food processing amongst other things. She gained valuable work experience at Publishing House Práce where she did various administrative work and met interesting people every day.

After her maternity leave, during which she took care of her three children, she decided to get a job working with children. In her free time she plays sports. She likes to relax in the countryside as well.