Our Team

Ms. Pavla Hajian
Founder of MŠ Wonderland

Ms. Pavla Hajian has experience as a director and owner of a nursery school in Ealing, London. She has worked for many years at international language schools and nurseries. She has now been running Wonderland Preschool for eight years and is the founder of the private school, Wonderland Academy. She is the mother of five children (Kimi, 20 years; Dany, 15 years; Melanie, 5 years; Charlotte, 3 years; and Nicholas, 3 months). Open more

Ms. Pavla Hajian has experience as a director and owner of a nursery school in Ealing, London. She has worked for many years at international language schools and nurseries. She has now been running Wonderland Preschool for eight years and is the founder of the private school, Wonderland Academy. She is the mother of five children (Kimi, 20 years; Dany, 15 years; Melanie, 5 years; Charlotte, 3 years; and Nicholas, 3 months)

Ms. Pavla holds a DPP (Diploma in Pre-school Practice) and attended the NVQ Level 3 university course. She graduated in all levels of Montessori education. She also attended an accredited course of the National Institute of Continuing Education (NIDV): a qualification course for headmasters. She studied Environmental Education and received the title of Environmental Coordinator of Schools. Furthermore, she attended Menza ITL learning and a Genetic reading methods course. As in previous years, she continues to actively participate in the preparing of her schools' academic programs and personally supervises compliance with all governmental regulations and standards to ensure maximum satisfaction for your children.

You may contact her with any questions concerning nursery management and our administration, as well as inquiries about your children and their daily lives at our kindergarten.

Ms. Veronika Bergmanová
Director of MŠ Wonderland

Veronika loves being from “hundred-spired" Prague. Veronika holds a Primary Education degree with a focus on English teaching from Charles University. Veronika also graduated with a diploma in Pre-school and Out-of-school Pedagogy. She has many years of experience as a class teacher in a linguistic primary school, as well as experience as a director of a private sports-language kindergarten.

In addition to these studies, Veronika also attended the highly esteemed Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory of Music and, as you might have guessed, is passionate about music. In 2018, Veronika also received a certificate in yoga instruction for children. She has led many children's camps and is a mother of two children herself, Isabela and Max. She loves to spend her free time in the countryside or with a good book.

Veronika loves working at the Wonderland Preschools, where she works with a great team and in an exceptional environment. However, she is especially happy working with you, our wonderful parents. She is happy to answer any and all questions, so please do not hesitate to contact her.

Ms. Klára
Head Teacher of the Libuš Branch and Unicorns Class Teacher

Klára is the creator of the academic curriculum that is currently in place at Wonderland's three preschools and additionally, personally evaluates the quality of teaching every day. She gained most of her experience teaching small children in the United Kingdom, teaching in several preschools and leading mother with children groups. Here at Wonderland, Klára teaches full-time, participates in the creation of the educational plans, and supervises the fulfillment of the year-long curriculum. She is the mother of two boys (Eliot, 13 years, and Richard, 4 years).

Klára graduated with all of the Montessori degrees and completed NVQ Level 3 Qualification in Early Years of Child Care and Education. She also completed the CELTA Cambridge Certificate of English. Klára is also a certified Environmental Coordinator.

Mr. Matthew
Trolls Class Teacher and Native Speaker

Matt was born in Akron, Ohio and went to school at Stark State College in Canton, Ohio. He graduated with a degree in Business Management and holds a TEFL certification, along with a certification for teaching young learners. Matt has worked in Industrial Sales almost his entire adult life until he decided that he needed a change. He realized his passion was not in sales, but in teaching children. Matt loves the excitement and optimism that children bring to the classroom every day and seeing the children grow as young individuals are endlessly fulfilling.

When Matt is not teaching, he enjoys being with friends and family and traveling the world. Matt has fallen in love with Prague since the moment he arrived and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Wonderland team. He is ecstatic to work tirelessly in order for the students to be successful in, not only their academic goals but their entire life.

Ms. Anna
Trolls Class Teacher

Anna Havelková was born in Prague and has lived all of her life in and around this beautiful city. She graduated from the Secondary Vocational School of Education in the field of pre-school and after-school pedagogy. For three years, she has worked as a leader of a children's group where she meets children from different countries of the world, giving her the opportunity to further develop her English. She has also attended several first-aid courses aimed towards children of pre-school and early school-age. Throughout her entire career, she has worked with groups of children of many different ages. Ever since the age of three, her lifelong dream has been to work in a nursery school.

Anička's biggest hobbies are painting, woodworking, and visiting galleries. She is interested in art history and architecture and, would therefore, like to travel to as many historical cities as possible. She loves skiing, swimming, and spending time with her family and friends.

Ms. Holly
Unicorns Class Teacher and Native Speaker

Holly is from the sunny state of California. There she studied and received her degrees in math and science and social and behavioral health. In 2014, she moved to the Czech Republic and received her TEFL certificate. Since then, she has been teaching preschool and has a wide range of experience in different teaching methods such as Montessori, direct and non-direct teaching.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking in the Czech forests with her husband. She also enjoys cooking and baking meals from scratch. And when possible, she enjoys traveling around to see all the castles in the Czech country.

She is looking forward to all the new adventures with her new students and colleagues at Wonderland Preschool.

Ms. Zuzana

Zuzka graduated from Charles University in Prague and specialized in Arts for Primary School. After her state examination, she went to England, where she studied for one semester at St. Austell college. She studied several courses at DYS-centrum which focused on graphomotor skills, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and the good start method. She enjoys leading creative projects, activity centers, and summer camps.

She likes to spend her free time jogging, doing yoga, and cooking.

Ms. Linda

Linda graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy at the Pedagogy University in Hradec Králové, majoring in primary school teaching. Then she expanded her education at the Faculty of Management and Information Technology at the Pedagogy University in the field of Financial Management.

She has been fulfilling her desire to work with children ever since her studies in high school , when she helped lead science clubs in the primary schools. She began teaching with a three-year career at the First Private Primary School in Hradec Králové. Subsequently, she worked at primary schools in Prague 10 and Prague 4. She also tested her teaching skills while working at a secondary vocational school. After a break of several years, which she spent working in the private sector, she returned to her original profession in 2019. She worked as a teaching assistant at Wonderland Kindergarten, where she cared for a boy with developmental dysphasia. At the same time, she educated preschool children in the Unicorns class.

She continues to further her education today, as she has recently completed a course for teaching assistants. In addition, she is currently participating in seminars with Professor Hejný focused on the art of teaching mathematics.

She likes to spend her free time actively exploring nature with her family, and sometimes, even passively, while at home with a good book.

Mr. Joseph
Head of the English Department

Joe comes to us from the small town of Sonoma, situated in the heart of Californian wine country. He went to California Polytechnic University: San Luis Obispo where he received his B.A. in History as well as a Liberal Arts Teaching Credential. Joe also holds a TEFL Certification, along with an additional certification for teaching young learners. He has experience teaching children from a variety of age groups, but he loves working with younger students the most.

When Joe is not teaching, he enjoys playing sports, traveling, and trying new foods. He has really enjoyed living in Prague thus far and is very glad to be a part of our Wonderland team. Joe looks forward to working with all of his students, both young and old, each year. He loves to watch young learners grow and does his best to set them up for success in their future academic endeavors.

Lukáš Pařík
Music Teacher

Lukáš Pařík is a singer, composer and actor. He perfected his voice at the International Conservatory and studied film and pop music composition at the Prague Conservatory. He is the author of many songs, as well as the rock fantasy musical Kings of Avalon, which played at the Prague Theatre Hybernia in the year of 2015/2016.

Lukáš dedicated himself to learning music since he was 16 years old and has spent the last few years organizing and managing student public performances. His main teaching principles include developing children's creativity and imagination. He teaches singing, piano, and guitar at Wonderland Preschools and Wonderland Academy.

Petr Kubín
Music Teacher

Lucie Chladilová
Logistical Coordinator

Lucie graduated from the secondary school of agriculture in Vyškov. She has worked in various administrative jobs, including work as as assistant to the Chairman of STROJEXPORT a.s. She is now able to apply her working experience to the economic management of Wonderland Academy and Wonderland Preschool, Libuš. As a mother of three children, she has a very positive and affectionate attitude towards children. In her free time, she enjoys visiting the countryside with her family and playing or watching sports.

Mr. Jirka

Jírka works as a caretaker and driver for Wonderland Preschool and Wonderland Academy. He collects, transports, and delivers children by minibus to and from our school and on various trips. His other duties include repairing and maintaining our school buildings and gardens. He has previously worked as a locksmith, maintenance man, flight instrument mechanic, and plumber.

Because he is very skillful and happy to work with children, Jírka is also the instructor for our Little Handyman course, which is very popular. With his positive and friendly attitude, he enriches the children's lives everyday.

For many years, Jírka has devoted himself to judo, in which he reached the 3rd dan. He is a regular blood donor and a passionate collector and restorer of old clocks.

Mr. Petr

Mr. Josef

Ms. Tereza
school psychologist

Mgr. Tereza Macurová is a Psychology graduate from Palacký University Olomouc. Tereza has worked with children since her studies, in groups for autistic children and as an educational LARP programmes trainer. When working with children, she enjoys creativity and flexibility of children minds the most. She believes that every child has the capacity of enriching the world and that´s what led her to Wonderland, where she wishes to help making that come true.

In her free time, she engages in culture and long walks with her dog. As a passionate reader, she enjoys Russian classics and psychological literature. Beside reading, she´s also an active writer.

At the moment, she is a trainee at the Integrative coaching programme and plans on furthering her professional education even more.

Ms. Lenka
teacher assistent

Lenka was born in Chomutov, where she graduated with a degree in Tourism. After successfully graduating from high school, she moved to Prague, where she worked in the tourism field and babysat in her free time. In these moments, Lenka then realized, for the first time, that she enjoys working with children and it is more meaningful to her.

Lenka's greatest life experience is, of course, her own two children, the older child named Terezka and the younger, Damien. She is required to work harder with her daughter, as she has a speech defect called "Developmental Dysphasia". This experience motivated Lenka to study special pedagogy, during which, she successfully participated in the Healthcare of Recovery Events Course at the same time. Lenka is going to continue to further her studies within the field of education, because, as she says, she is most fulfilled in life when working with children.